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frequently asked questions

How does a person get to stay there?
An initial conversation will happen over the phone to determine if we are an appropriate fit.  Some parameters are needed: no substance use, no legal issues/barriers, not an imminent risk of suicide or harm.  A person also needs a secure and verified place to return back to.  Our Peer Specialist staff talk and decide through consensus if an overnight stay is appropriate. 

Where is Lighthouse located?
For privacy of guests, we only disclose our location for expected visitors.

Do I need insurance to stay there?
There is no cost or insurance needed to stay here.  Funding comes primarily through WI Department of Health Services- Division of Care and Treatment Services.

Can I have visitors over?
Also, to respect the confidentiality of other guests, we ask that visitors be limited and effort be made to meet others the community.  There could be a situation where it's appropriate, however.

What kind of support is offered?
We first aim to create a "sanctuary" for healing.  We then look to individualize support to meet each person where they're at.  Some people need more privacy and rest, others request more engagement and connection.

Can I visit Lighthouse to check it out first? 
Potential guests can't view Lighthouse prior to coming.  For those looking to learn more about us, a tour could be arranged, if arranged ahead of time.   

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