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The La Crosse Lighthouse is a 501(c)(3) formed as a response to neighbors in the La Crosse area losing their lives to overdose, hopelessness, and suicide. The La Crosse Lighthouse was envisioned as a place that one could find acceptance, support, and hope to find meaning in life again.

Our Mission

The La Crosse Lighthouse provides outreach, advocacy, and connection in a home-like environment where people seeking a self-directed path to recovery and wellness can do so with the support of people who have shared similar experiences.


We envision a culture where connection, support and respect for individual choice inspires social change and healing.


“From the moment I learned about the Lighthouse, I recognized that having this resource available to our community was going to be a game changer.  It gave me hope for myself and for our community.  I’m grateful to everyone here and to everyone involved for making this place a reality.  I’m proud of our community for supporting this project, it’s so needed, thank you to everyone!"


“Great people work here; they truly care and actively listen to you and try to help with all of their abilities.  I feel like a new person, staff was so encouraging and relatable.  Loved that there was a wide range of ages with the peer specialists and they were willing to share their stories, it helped alot.”


“I just wanted to say that I feel like this place played a huge role in helping me save my life.  The people really show they care and show that recovery is possible.”

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