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Welcome to The La Crosse Lighthouse

"Shedding light on hope, offering space to heal, and meaningfully connecting to community."


A safe place to heal, no cost, access to hiking trails, private bedroom, come and go as needed, completely voluntary.  One-to-one support will be made available with respect to each individual's process to heal.  


Everyone working at Lighthouse identifies as having lived experience with recovery.  Whether that means extreme emotional or altered states, a psychiatric diagnoses, trauma, living without a home, navigating the mental health systems, recovering from an addiction.  We believe out of life's most difficult situations, there is opportunity for growth. 


Support and referral to people, opportunities, and organizations that support a person's recovery.  On-going engagement and community awareness will be active.  A warm-line will be available 24/7 for support and possible referral.

Peer Support is about social change.   

What we do

Offer non-medical, overnight respite to those experiencing overwhelming mental health and substance use related struggles or any other emotionally distressing challenges (1-7 nights) ​

24 hour/7 days a week warm line support (non-crisis phone support) 

Access to 1:1 peer support, individually and as a group

Connections into community, resources, natural support, and activities

Self-referrals only, contact us by calling (608) 519-1489

Business Line: (608) 461-5527

La Crosse Lighthouse, Inc. is funded by State of Wisconsin, Division of Care and Treatment Services.  Learn more at WISCONSIN PEER RESPITES

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